Sell your Services to Ship Owners from all over the world!



Sell your Services to Ship Owners from all over the world!

Only offer to actual RFQs

Know the Ship Owner and service requirements in very detail

Enjoy minimal, guided data entry

Sell on a global, fair and class recognized marketplace

Well recognized Ship Managers are using [bluester] worldwide.

Every Service Supplier has the same fair chance to win a contract - based on equal terms with inquiring Ship Managers.

DNV GL and other classification societies support [bluester] in bringing together buyers and suppliers without any intermediaries.

Market and sell more efficiently

Once properly registered, you only receive RFQs for services and locations you logged in your profile.

Providing quotations on [bluester] is never in vain. You are guaranteed to only receive RFQs from Ship Managers in actual need of your services.

It is your choice to whom you offer your services. [bluester] provides you with all relevant information about the inquiring Ship Manager so you can take a well informed decision.

Have your competitive advantages displayed to the point and learn from your competitors

Every RFQ contains all the detailed information needed to calculate and quote properly.

Ship Managers requirements and expectations are fully and openly displayed.

Your offer is made easily comparable for the Ship Manager; at the same time specific offer categories to differentiate your proposal from others are prominently displayed to get the right attention.

In case you do not win an order you receive all (anonymized!) information of the winning bid so you can build your market knowledge.

Benefit from direct and secure contracting and have service execution prepared perfectly

Contracts through [bluester] are being established directly with the Ship Manager. Contract execution and payment is being handled securely and safely on the legal certainty of Standard Terms & Conditions applied.

Because RFQs contain all required information and necessary documents are to be provided after contract conclusion by the Ship Manager, formal pre and post service arrangements are practically done.

Coordination of stakeholders is automatized with a special tool that takes into account vessel's actual position.

What do I get if I join? Free of charge!

✓  I contract with owners directly

✓  I only receive RFQs for services I actually offer

✓  I only receive RFQs from vessels with an actual service need actually calling my service locations

✓  I receive RFQs from owners from all over the world I did not have access to

✓  I receive proper owner background information to take safe decisions to offer or not

✓  I learn from the experience other providers are having with requesting owners

✓  I take part in a fully transparent, unbiased bidding process with equal chances for all providers

✓  I am sure that no other provider receives advantageous information from an owner

✓  I am hold safe against unfair negotiation practice

✓  I am assured that owners receive all offers at the exact same time and cannot negotiate the price within the bidding process

✓  I can trust in full trade secrecy

✓  I receive systematic market knowledge for the first time - in a way transparent and fair for all service providers

✓  I save an immense amount of time when offering services - I can even offer services from my smartphone

✓  I can rely that my competitive advantages are perfectly brought to the owner's attention

✓  I benefit from impartial validation of my qualification by Bureau Veritas and MarTrust

✓  I am sure that my offers are not affected by intransparent, invisible commissions

✓  I do not pay any commissions to [bluester] nor anyone else

✓  I am assured safe, well balanced, fair contract terms for all service orders