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Market your competitive advantages effortlessly!

Register your company
  • Create an individual company profile to the point
  • Enter the details a Ship Owner needs to identify you as preferred Supplier


File your offers in response to professionally detailed RFQs in no time

Offer to actual RFQs
  • Decide yourself to which Ship Owner you want to offer your services
  • Know the Ship Owner and his requirements in detail
  • Enjoy minimal, guided data entry
  • Have your competitive advantages displayed perfectly


Contract on fair and transparent Terms & Conditions!

Sell your services online
  • Transfer information into your CRM system with a click
  • Handle payment and contract execution directly with the Ship Owner
Start your [bluester] experience!
✓ Sell on a global, fair and class recognized marketplace
✓ Market and sell more efficiently
✓ Have your competitive advantages displayed to the point and learn from your competitors
✓ Benefit from direct and secure contracting and have service execution prepared perfectly

[bluester] has been recognized as an important element for the digitalization of processes in the maritime industry and therefore receives support by the European Regional Development Fund.