What is [bluester]?

  • [bluester] is an Online Marketplace and a Process Facilitator for the Maritime Support Service Industry. What does this mean?
  • Ship Managers use [bluester] to file an RFQ for an actual service need with all available and capable suppliers in up to five ports within minutes anywhere in the world. In no time at all and with the click of a button, they buy a service from the best Service Suppliers matching best with their individual requirements in regards to quality, compliance and commercial criteria.
  • Service Suppliers use [bluester] to sell their services to Ship Managers from all over the world - free of charge and very efficiently by replying to actual, precise and professional RFQs.
  • [bluester] only works on the basis of actual RFQs for actual and precise service needs.
  • [bluester] is not an online yellow pages or an online message board. [bluester] is not cloud software or software on demand; it is not a search engine for the cheapest price. [bluester] is a virtual Online Marketplace and Process Facilitator for Ship Managers and Suppliers of Maritime Support Services allowing them to contract with each other very efficiently and at very low cost.
  • [bluester] can be used online on demand on an as need basis. No software needs to be installed; there are no costs for registration or for the holding of an account.
  • [bluester] is completely free of charge to Service Suppliers. Ship Managers only pay per use for the filing of an RFQ.
  • Contrary to all other ways of linking demand and supply in the Maritime Support Service Industry [bluester] is absolutely
  • 100% transparent
  • 100% unbiased
  • 100% impartial
  • 100% fair
  • [bluester] is the easiest and most efficient, time and cost saving way to buy or market Maritime Support Services.

Is [bluester] a Ship Manager or Vessel Owner? Is [bluester] a Supplier of Maritime Support Services?

  • No, [bluester] is neither a Ship Manager/ Vessel Owner nor a Supplier of Maritime Support Services.
  • [bluester] is a Marketplace on which Ship Managers and Service Suppliers request/ offer actual, concrete and precise Maritime Support Services in order to get into business with each other.

What does [bluester] do?

  • [bluester] matches Ship Managers with Service Suppliers for concrete and actual business
  • [bluester] is based on detailed requests and related detailed offers
  • [bluester] tells you exactly who you will be doing business with
  • [bluester] allows you to buy/ sell a service with the click of a button
  • [bluester] enhances business quality through a simple, transparent and fair rating system

What does [bluester] not do?

  • [bluester] does not interfere with the way you do business
  • [bluester] does not require you to do any internal changes
  • [bluester] does not require switching costs nor set up effort. Users register and start filing RFQs/ offers.

Which Maritime Support Services Shipping Companies buy/ Service Suppliers sell on [bluester]?

  • Service on: Fire Fighting and Protection Equipment
  • Service on: Personal Life Saving Equipment and Protective Clothing
  • Service on: Radio/ Navigation Equipment and Marine Electronics
  • Service on: Liferafts and Liferaft Launching Appliances/ Release Gear
  • Service on: Life-/ Rescueboats and Launching Appliances/ Release Gear
  • Service on: Lifting Equipment and Gear
  • Service on: Personal Protection Equipment
  • Loadtesting Services and Diving Services

Why do you need to register to see what [bluester] is about?

  • [bluester] is a matching platform! It is not online yellow pages, not an online message board, not an online agency!
  • [bluester] matches the service needs of merchant vessels with capabilities of Service Suppliers
  • [bluester] only gives individual and concrete benefit – for exactly and only your own requirements and needs!

How can one use the services of [bluester]? How do you register and open up an account?

  • To benefit from [bluester] you need to register on our platform and open up an account. Just click on the ‘SIGN UP NOW’ button; enter the requested data and follow the process which is being explained throughout step by step.

I am a Service Supplier. Do competitors receive any of my offer information?

No, [bluester] does not at any time disclose any offer information to other Service Suppliers. [bluester] does not favor any Service Supplier over another. [bluester] is strictly unbiased and impartial. Offer information is only being displayed to the Ship Manager that has placed the actual service inquiry.

To the benefit of all Service Suppliers though [bluester] is publishing anonymized offer details of the winning offer to all Service Suppliers that have submitted their bids for the same actual request. Thus [bluester] is creating value (market knowledge!) for all active Service Suppliers even if they do not win an actual match.

Is any Supplier being given advantage over another?

  • [bluester] does not favor any Service Supplier over another. [bluester] is strictly unbiased and impartial. Through the automated, structured processes on [bluester] bias plays no role. All Users are receiving the exact same types of information on each other (Service Suppliers information about Ship Managers and Ship Managers about Service Suppliers).

Does [bluester] ‘exploit’ my information?

  • As outlaid in our Terms of Use [bluester] does not at any time disclose any identifiable data to other users or competitors.

    No business entity identifiable information will be released outside the platform. If information would be used for marketing purposes for example, it would be used in an aggregated and always anonymized form.

    Information will never be used to conclude business patterns or alike. The business model of [bluester] is not about gathering data but to enable Ship Managers and Service Suppliers to get connected for business easily.

What does ´matching´ mean?

  • [bluester] matches the concrete and actual service needs of Merchant Vessels with the capabilities and availability of Service Suppliers. This matching is based on detailed requests and related detailed offers, exclusively available through the [bluester] portal for all registered companies.
  • [bluester] is not an online yellow pages, message board or any other type of online information resource. [bluester] is bringing together Ship Managers and Service Suppliers only for actual and concrete business, providing all necessary information on interacting companies and related services.

Which advantages does [bluester] offer compared to other market solutions?

To compare [bluester] in detail with other market solutions please use our comparison tool.
  • As a Ship Manager you shall click here
  • As a Service Supplier you shall click here

What are the benefits I get through [bluester]?

  • [bluester] saves you a tremendous amount of time and effort for buying/ selling a Maritime Support Service and also for executing the service delivery by facilitation of processes. The day you start using [bluester] you stop sending emails back and forth and you stop getting angry about missing or doubled up information
  • [bluester] allows you to use an absolute professional and compliant purchasing process that will make you comply with all rules and regulations without any effort
  • [bluester] is giving access to all Service Providers and Shipping Companies at your fingertips
  • [bluester] is enhancing the quality of service and business by direct and fair feedback through impartial ranking given by your peers
  • [bluester] gives access to expert knowledge and auxiliary third party services at low cost

How is [bluester] different from other online sites?

[bluester] is not a search engine for the cheapest price, nor is it an online yellow pages or message board. [bluester] is the only fair, transparent and unbiased online matching service in the market purely based on actual and concrete requests/ offers.

As a Service Supplier: how does [bluester] enable me to show all benefits of my offer and company?

[bluester] is requesting all Service Suppliers to provide the exact same types of information. The information being asked for is the entire information that a Ship Manager/ Owner is basing his/ her purchasing decision on. It is of general nature referring to a Service Suppliers‘ company like for e.g. number of years in business, number of employees, general accreditations being held, payment terms, legal terms & conditions, etc. to show the general quality of a Service Suppliers‘ company. And the information being asked for is of a specific nature concerning an actual and concrete request like for e.g. approvals to carry out the requested service, service duration, spare part availability, etc. All this information is being displayed to Ship Managers in an easy to read and easy to understand format. If a Service Supplier cannot demonstrate its’ capabilities and competitive advantages on [bluester] it is hard to do it anyway else.

Who created [bluester] and who is running/ operating [bluester]?

  • [bluester] is created and operated by German industry experts (formerly assigned to DNV GL)
  • [bluester] is a private German limited company (GmbH) with business residence in Ahrensburg/ Hamburg
  • [bluester] is funded through the European Regional Development Fund
  • [bluester] is being provided in cooperation with DNV GL
  • [bluester] is supported by major German shipping companies and international service suppliers

Are there any hidden traps in the [bluester] Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

  • Rules set out are to the largest extent based on common sense in regards to internet use/ services
  • there are no obligations but following the rules set out and explained on the platform
  • there is no contract duration obligation
  • there are no fees for registration
  • there are no fees setting up and holding an account
  • there is no data collection/ exploitation
  • total data privacy and security is guaranteed