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Bluester GmbH becomes corporate member of Transparency International - Deutschland e.V.

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  • We believe in people cooperating and working together.
  • We dedicate our creativity to connect people.
  • We want to make business safe, transparent and easy.
  • We base all our decisions on sincerity and integrity.
Sebastian Peter Fischer & Christoph Oliver Kiese
Online Tools for the Maritime Industry

We create Digital Solutions and Online Applications to optimise Supply Chain Processes concerned with Technical and Professional Maritime Support Services

Through our Marketplace you can not only source Technical or Professional Maritime Support Services; you can also prepare, arrange, execute and debrief these services very efficiently.

BWTS   Selector
Through our BWTS Selector you can find out which Ballast Water Treatment Systems, which models of which manufacturers match your vessel and it specific operation.

RFQ   Generator
Through our RFQ Generator you can generate fully professional RFQs for Technical or Professional Maritime Support Services and use these RFQs within your ERP systems.