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Why do ERP Systems still dominate over Online Platforms in our Industry?

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Sebastian Peter Fischer & Christoph Oliver Kiese
Supply Chain Management Apps for the Maritime Industry

We create online and smartphone Applications for Buyers and Suppliers of Professional Maritime Support Services

Through our Marketplace you can not only source Technical or Professional Maritime Support Services; you can also prepare, arrange, execute and debrief these services very efficiently.

Find out within minutes which Ballast Water Treatment System Technology is the most suitable for a general vessel type depending on its general operations and operational conditions.

RFQ   Generator
Through our RFQ Generator you can generate fully professional RFQs for Technical or Professional Maritime Support Services and use these RFQs within your ERP systems.

Through our PROVIDER Finder you can locate providers of technical or professional maritime support services by exact service type, port of call and vessel‘s flag or class if required.

SERVICE   Reminder
Through our SERVICE Reminder you receive smart reminders on services due; also you can share service related documents with all stakeholders on the click of a button.
coming soon

SERVICE   Executor
Through our SERVICE Executor you can align all stakeholders involved in the execution of a technical or professional service based on the actual position of your vessel.
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